liuying 发表于 26-01-2018 19:50:19

Where can I buy this meter?

Q: I am very interesting by your product,but I can’t make an order of it on Amazon. Do you know how I can proceed?
A: First: You can buy through the official website store

Second: You can send your name, address, email and phone number to our email address ( Payment method: paypal (provided upon payment).

The above two kinds of purchase methods, meters are issued from China, logistics time is relatively long, about 20 days to reach their destination.
Amazon US
Amazon JP
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Amazon ES

JayGod-Poo666 发表于 01-06-2023 08:34:22

What has this to do with the WITRN C4 or C4L ??? Which by the way can be bought on - maybe people can order it directly from you guys?

May Jehovah be with thee, and Jayshua a most precious pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us all, let it be so.
- Darkijah
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