Limsup 发表于 22-11-2022 04:57:00

C3 oscilloscope voltage and current numbers do not update real time.

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I recently purchased C3 and I noticed that voltage and ampere numbers do not get updated real time in oscilloscope panel. The numbers get updated ONCE when I pause the screen or when I change sample rate. When I resume the screen or when sample rate is changed, the once updated numbers stay the same, until I press the button (either to pause or change sample rate) again.

Voltage and ampere numbers in other pages -- home screen and current & voltage graphing page -- updates fine. It is only the oscilloscope panel that are not updated real time.

At one point, I saw the current and ampere numbers get updated as I change the load, but I could not replicate it. I tried multiple power sources USB-A and USB-C and I get the same results.

The following are the version information of my unit.
Firmware version 1.00.11
Hardware version 1.00.01

Please let me know if you have experienced the same issue.

admin 发表于 22-11-2022 06:54:39

We checked my device and confirmed the issue, will be fixed in the next update.

Limsup 发表于 22-11-2022 08:11:32

Thank you for the confirmation.

While you are updating the oscilloscope page, can you make voltage and current numbers in different colors?

Also, I would recommend reducing the display of the sample rate and display more digits on voltage and current.

Currently the sample rates are displayed 50.0us/d, 10.0us/d, 5.00us/d, .... , 0.31us/d. I understand the label is more complete this way, but it is taking precious display space, and not displaying meaningful numbers that are worth displaying. It is just a label. I think it can be shortened.

How about 50u, 10u, ..., 0.3u and use the saved display space for displaying more digits in voltage and current?

wernus 发表于 11-02-2023 00:24:06

I have the same issue, when this will be fixed?
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