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AVHzY CT3 SM-LD-00 Installation guide

AVHzY CT3 SM-LD-00 Installation guide

Voltage: 2.5V-26V,
Power: 0W-100W
(This is tested under 25C environment temperature with continuous operation.)


Son1c 发表于 27-12-2021 11:16:20

Is it possible to decrease the minimum V.Protect voltage from 2.5V to at least 1.2V or 1V to have posibility discharging AA, AAA, etc accumulator battaries? Is it hardware or software limitation? If software, it easely can be changed by firmware update, am I right?

thekevbot 发表于 10-01-2022 11:45:04

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I purchased CT-3 + SM-LD-00 and so far almost everything is working. One issue i am having is that when i start the load the Ibus value on the PC software and on the CT-3 does not update:

For instance i go to Load Module -> Constant-current Mode -> Load Value = 1.00A -> Load Start. After starting, i can hear the fan blowing and can also see that my supply is outputting a current that is approximately normal for 1A Ibus but the Ibus on the software and CT-3 only shows about is strange.

Is there something i am missing for setup? I noticed on the instillation video they plug in some white cable to the "USB-C Out" port before starting. Do i need to do something like that?

Is it possible it was installed improperly before shipping?


thekevbot 发表于 10-01-2022 11:49:05

Apologies but i already found the solution and realized i made a silly mistake. I had my external Vbus connected to USB-C Out and not USB-C In. Once i plugged it into the correct port it started working properly. Thanks!

hel 发表于 12-09-2023 16:33:49

what does the nic port on the top of the module do and what does addr and the holes/screws mean?
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