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AVHzY CT-3/C3 USB meter Download Manuals Firmware PC software(23-12-19)

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Wide functionality:
0-26V 0-6A voltage & current measurement.
4.5 digits reading for voltage and current.
0.1% maximum gain error for both voltage and current.
Capacity/Energy accumulator.
PD(with PPS), QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, Huawei SCP, SSCP, FCP, Samsung AFC, VOOC, Super VOOC 65W trigger for charger testing.
Type-C to Type-C, Type-A to Type-C cable resistance tester.
E-mark reader.
VOOC/Dash cable dumper.
Apple charger S/N reader.
Fast-charge protocol auto-detect mode.
Offline data (Voltage, current, D+, and D-) logging up to 100sps.
Internal 12Mbytes storage for data logging and user programs.
Power source ripple meter with 3.2Msps sample rate.
USB3.1 SuperSpeed pass-through for Type-C ports. USB2.0 + speicial fast charge communication line (For SuperVOOC, VOOC, Dash, Warp) pass-through for Type-A ports. 128*160 1.77’ TFT. Integrated gravity sensor and buzzer for better user experience.

Powerful PC software:
Data logging up to 1000sps.
Lua program downloader.
VBUS ripple viewer(3.2Msps).
PD listener for device diagnosis.
Fast-charge trigger and external load module can also be accessed.
All functionalities can be activated simultaneously for advanced test requirements.

Lua Programmable:
Lua interpreter integrated, provided with various APIs, detailed documentations (Look up at point 1).
Make access to almost all hardware with your own program. Scripts can be set to run on boot.
Internal 12Mbytes memory can be used to store scripts, and can be used as output storage of scripts (Standard file operation supported).

Optional Modules:SM-LD-00 programmable electronic load module, can be accessed with the meter itself and the PC software. Constant-current and constant-power mode, load value is digitally adjusted with the meter. 0~26V, 0~6.7A, maximum power of 65W(Max 100W) guaranteed in continuous operation.
How to update CT-3 with standalone firmware
When CT-3 firmware upgrade using PC software fails.
It is possible to update using standalone firmware, please follow the steps below.
0. Download and unzip the independent firmware package at the end of this page (the file name is version number, for example, is V1.00.62)
1. Cut off the power supply of the meter.
2. Turn the trackwheel to the left and hold.
3. Connect the meter to the computer through the connection port (micro-USB port) (at this time, the dial is still pressed to the left).
4. After almost two seconds, the header screen displays the words "Bootlodaer..." and the computer recognizes a disk.
5. You can release the button.
6. Create the "FW" directory in the newly recognized disk and copy the files you just decompressed into it. (Structure such as "u-disk:/FW/…")
7. Wait for the copy to complete.
8. On the table header, select and enter “Update From Int.Memory”.
9. Wait for the update to complete and then select "Reboot"

Technical Specifications:
Main Control IC: Cortex-M4 200MHZ
Display: IPS 1.14'' 240*135
Voltage & Current Range: DC 4-26V (0.1V with PC) 0-6A
Voltage & Current Accuracy: 0.1%±2d for both
Voltage & Current Resolution: 0.0001V 0.0001A
Fast-charge Trigger Protocols: Power-Delivery(with PPS), QC2.0, QC3.0, Huawei FCP/SCP/SSCP, Samsung AFC, VOOC, SuperVOOC 50W/65W.
PC suite for advanced online data logging, PD listening, online fast-charge trigger, and firmware upgrade.
Alternative download link
CT-3 historical firmware version

timotv 发表于 22-08-2020 08:46:08

I don't see differences to CT-2

admin 发表于 23-08-2020 06:39:43

static/image/common/user_online.gif timotv static/image/common/clock.gif 22-08-2020 08:46
I don't see differences to CT-2

1. Provide lua API, user independent programming, convenient for batch testing.
2. Support expansion modules (currently only one load module SM-LD-00, other modules with rich functions are under development).
3. A more powerful host computer.
4. Internal 12MB user storage space for storing user programs (user programs can also write files to this space), offline recording.
5. The VBUS ripple can be viewed through the 3.2Msps ADC.
6. Larger screen (2.0' 128*160).
7. The (Super)VOOC/DASH special identification line is straight through, and can be directly measured without additional leads.
8. Added buzzer for better user experience.
9. Added a gravity sensor to automatically turn the screen.
10. Full font support, user programs can directly display Chinese, Japanese and Korean strings.
11. (Super) VOOC/DASH cable reading and identification.
12. Part of USB3.1 support.

goodUSBmeter 发表于 01-09-2020 05:04:06

I have the AVHzY CT-2 and have now purchased the AVHzY CT-3 that I have received in Spain and which I am very happy with.

1) Would it be possible to customize a logo and colors of voltage numbers and others parameters on the AVHzY CT-3 as on the AVHzY CT-2?

2) What is the reason that the female USB-A port is on the AVHzY CT-3 upside down to the AVHzY CT-2?
It's the only thing I don't like about the CT-3.

For the rest I am very happy and I look forward to prompt updates that allow further customization of the CT-3.

In windows 10-64bits it is necessary to disable the use of signed drivers so that the device is accessible ...

1) Home
2) Configuration
3) Update and security
4) Recovery
5) Advanced startup ... restart now
6) Troubleshoot
7) Advanced options
8) See more recovery options
9) Startup settings
10) Restart
11) Disable mandatory use of signed drivers ... press key number 7

goodUSBmeter 发表于 01-09-2020 11:25:08

There is a bug with Fastcharge Auto Enum function in firmware 10044 and Xiaomi MDY-08-EI QC3 charger.
There is a loop software and is not possible to exit.
Is needed reconnect the CT3 usb meter in other power source that Fastcharge Auto Enum works ok.

goodUSBmeter 发表于 01-09-2020 11:37:30

The bug is using a USB-A to C cable connected on usb-c in and with no load atached.
I have tested other cable and the bug is.
But if I have a charge (0.28A for example) atached to usb-c port-out the bug is not happen.

mvrk80 发表于 02-09-2020 10:45:53

hello. when the SM-LD-00 bundle will be available? I'm waiting for it

admin 发表于 03-09-2020 03:47:54

static/image/common/user_online.gif mvrk80 static/image/common/clock.gif 02-09-2020 10:45
hello. when the SM-LD-00 bundle will be available? I'm waiting for it

It will take about 1 week.

admin 发表于 03-09-2020 03:49:18

static/image/common/user_online.gif goodUSBmeter static/image/common/clock.gif 01-09-2020 11:37
The bug is using a USB-A to C cable connected on usb-c in and with no load atached.
I have tested ot ...

Thank you so much for your feedback!

mvrk80 发表于 03-09-2020 05:58:59

static/image/common/user_online.gif admin static/image/common/clock.gif 03-09-2020 03:47
It will take about 1 week.

Thank you for your reply.
It will available on immediately when it will be available?
Or just in the official avhzy store?
I need a ct-3 analyser asap but I'm waiting beacause I would like to buy the bundle with SM-LD-00.
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